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Designed and developed in collaboration with potter Justin Page, the Kamin light is a small, wheel thrown stoneware pendant light.

Each shade is wheel thrown in one piece, with the potter lifting and moving the clay upwards into a tall and narrow form before shaping to into its finished design, inspired by city chimney stacks. The shade is then hand trimmed and finished to a crisp and clean-lined final shape.

The shade is glazed in a soft off-white, with the glaze enlivened by the iron added to the ceramic, giving the shade a subtle yellow/green speckle and allowing its materiality to shine through. The rim is glazed in a matt slip in a choice of colours – green, orange or pink.

The form, size and subtle tones of the Kamin make it well suited to use in a variety of settings. It works beautifully as a single illumination over a small side table, coffee table or bedside table and also looks great in rows over a dining table, island or bar.

Design by
Justin Page for Hand & Eye

Design by
Justin Page for Hand & Eye

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£240.00£396.00 including 20% VAT (not payable by non-UK customers)

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£240 inc VAT

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£240 inc VAT

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- Note! Lead time is between 1-10 weeks depending on stock levels, please email us for a more specific time-frame.

This is a handmade item and the exact sizing and colour/texture will vary

Kamin Green

Brass detail of light holder connection

Clay detail




Kamin Pink

Kamin Orange

Our beautiful Kamin pendant is hand made by Justin Page in the UK.

The process starts by weighing out the clay to just the right quantity. The clay is then knead to get all the air out of the clay before turning it. Once the clay has been located on the turning wheel the clay is drawn up and pushed back down to get the plasticity right and work the clay before finally turning it up into the desired shape. The turned piece is left to dry to a leather hard state and is then worked on to shave the piece to the final form carefully measuring to get each of the lamps to be as close as possible to the same size. Naturally every piece is unique but Justin works to create a high degree of consistency. The next step involves adding the engobe colour to the rim on a wheel. The pieces are then fired to a bisque finish and then glazed in a beautiful soft white glaze.

Dimensions & Weight



Shade is an enriched buff stoneware shade with glaze.

Flex cable is light grey textile.

Ceiling rose is matt white metal with brass side screws.



Finish Options

Main body is a glazed stoneware in off-white colour.

Rim is edged with a band of matt glaze in:

  • green
  • pink
  • orange


Light Source
  • E27 lamp holder (E26 for US option)
  • Golf ball shape bulb recommended