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Melina pendant


The Melina pendant family uses the same small dimpled glass shade as the Melina wall light in a bespoke vertical chandelier arrangement. Strung onto the bronze coloured flexes like jewels, the clear etched glass shades hang delicately from their bespoke cast bronze fittings and emit an gentle inner glow. The chandelier cluster creates a sense of suspended animation connecting spaces vertically with its delicately floating and glowing shades.

The Melina is available in three standard options: single (with one glass shade), double (with two glass shades) and triple (with three glass shades). Each of these hangs as one loop of flex cable from a single ceiling rose (rose diameter 125mm). For more intricate arrangements these options can be combined to have four (2+2), five (2+3) or six (3+3) shades in total. These options hang as two loops of flex cable from a single larger ceiling rose (rose diameter 300mm).

Please contact us if you would like more information and help with bespoke arrangements of the Melina, from small sizes to large chandelier installations.

Design by

2-10 weeks

Design by

2-10 weeks

+ Dimensions & Weight

+ Materials

+ Light Source

Order with us

£550.00£3,600.00 including 20% VAT (not payable by non-UK customers)

£550 inc VAT

£732 inc VAT

£950 inc VAT

£1230 inc VAT

£1350 inc VAT

£1800 inc VAT

£1925 inc VAT

£2520 inc VAT

£2300 inc VAT

£3060 inc VAT

£2700 inc VAT

£3600 inc VAT


- Note! Lead time is between 2-10 weeks depending on stock levels, please email us for a more specific time-frame.

Please contact us if you would like to create a bespoke arrangement / installation for your space.

Melina pendant, single

Melina pendant - triple

Melina pendant - triple + double

Making the Melina fitting - Investment 'lost wax' casting

Our Melina pendant lights involve using a new making process for us – metal casting – to create the bronze fittings. When Mentsen designed the Melina, they found a fantastic UK company who are skilled in the manufacturing process of investment casting (also called ‘lost wax casting’) and they let us come and watch the process in action. It’s amazing to see the way the process works, a more high-tech version of a technique that has existed for thousands of years!

Find out more in our ‘making’ section.

Dimensions & Weight


  • Shade: clear matt glass
  • Fitting: cast bronze
  • Flex cord: bronze coloured textile
  • Ceiling rose: matt white metal with brass side screws


Light Source

G9 lamp holder, max 6w per lamp holder (bulb included)