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Sandpitts, Devon

This beautiful project was undertaken by owners Natalie Silk and Tom Baker, who restored a traditional stone house in Devon, also adding a new extension.

For the restoration, cob-wall specialist David Joyce, used a traditional mix of lime plaster and sand. The new extension, overseen by Studio Weave architects, is a wonderful compliment to the old house, with exterior cladding in wood and interior lining in wood and lime. The extension is a self-contained annex that the owners want to use as a hideaway and creative retreat/studio so that the inhabitants can make the most of the peaceful rural setting.

Check out this article in The Modern House for more information.

All pictures seen here are by Jim Stephenson


The exterior extension, beautifully illuminated with our lights just seen
A cluster of Rigatoni pendants in the living area
a small Rigatoni pendant used to great effect as a wall light
Terracotta Medium pendants in 'top glaze' and exterior raw terracotta finishes

Published 22 July 2022