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Mela Pendant


With its rounded shape, bottom dimple and brass stem the Mela light is reminiscent of an apple. Made from matt opal glass, it has a lovely velvety texture allowing a soft all-over light to emerge. Designed for Hand & Eye by our friends at Mentsen the Mela comes in two options: a pendant version and a ceiling or wall mounted version.

The pendant makes a feature of the fitting, with a stem and plate in a solid, natural brass that will gently age over time to develop an elegant patina. This can be used over tables, islands or even armchairs as a single feature light or in a row or cluster over larger furniture or in a large room or stairwell. The mounted version can be attached to a ceiling or the wall where it sits almost flush, with just a hint of the fitting visible. This works well as a central ceiling light where it can be a beautiful and understated addition to a room and it can be used on walls in larger or more open areas.

The Mela lights are a modern twist on the classic globe light and will bring a timeless beauty to every space.

To order the ceiling / wall mounted version, please see the Mela Pendant page.

Design by

2-6 weeks

Design by

2-6 weeks

+ Dimensions and Weight

+ Materials

+ Light Source

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£407.00£672.00 including 20% VAT (not payable by non-UK customers)

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Notes! - Lead time estimate is 2-6 weeks

– Please email us if UL listing is required

Mela pendant ceiling rose

Brass & Glass

Our pendant fittings are made of solid natural, raw brass, which is purposefully left un-sealed to allow for natural oxidation to take place. This means that as the metal ages, it darkens and develops a distinct patina and beautiful character. We love this aged look, but of course the brass can also be polished from time to time to keep it looking fresher. Our glass shades are hand-made by a fantastic glass blowing company, who are highly skilled in creating the shapes and different glass finishes. For the Mela we chose the opal glass with matt finish to give the light a softer texture and hue.

Dimensions and Weight


  • Shade: matt opal glass
  • Fitting: natural (raw) brass
  • Flex Cord: light grey textile


Light Source

E27 (USA E26) lamp holder, max 15w