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Gooseberry Wall


The Gooseberry ceramic wall light is designed to complement our family of Gooseberry pendant lights and also has matching ceiling light fittings.

The light has a faceted terracotta shade, handmade in the UK, and is available in a raw finish or glazed white with a terracotta rim. In the white version, the faceted edges of the shade create a subtle difference in the thickness of the glaze, creating lovely highlights, whilst the raw terracotta finish has a softer feel due to the matt texture.

The shade houses the latest in mains connected LED modules to ensure excellent light output. The wall light has two LED modules, so it gives both an up and down light. It is fixed to the wall by a deep green-grey coloured silicone mount, which adds a more modern touch to the traditional ceramic element. Highly versatile, this light will add warmth and beauty to any space.

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Design by
Tom Housden

2-6 weeks

Design by
Tom Housden

2-6 weeks

+ Dimensions and Weight

+ Materials

+ Finish Options

+ Light Source

Order with us

£330.00 inc VAT

£330 inc VAT

£330 inc VAT


Note! This comes with an external driver- this needs to be located remotely (eg behind the ceiling or in a cupboard etc). - The US compatible version of this product varies from the spec shown here. Please email us for more information and to order.

This product is made to order. Minimum lead time is 4 weeks.
Please note that since our ceramics are hand-made of natural materials, there may be some variation in colour and texture.

Engineering the Gooseberry Wall Light

We developed a silicone wrap to hold the LED module and heat sink in place inside the shade, using compression to keep a tight grip and special ripples to allow airflow around the heat sink. The wall light then has a back mount made of a firmer silicone to connect the shade to the wall. This use of rubber helps overcome the issue that each hand-made ceramic shade will be a slightly different shape and size.

Dimensions and Weight



– Shade: Terracotta (with or without white glaze)

– Back mount: Silicone (dark green)


Finish Options

Shade (both internally glazed in white)

Raw terracotta

Terracotta with a gloss white glaze


Light Source

– Integrated LEDs, low voltage

– Supplied with external driver (can be located up to 20m from light source)

– 2700k as standard (other colour temp available on request)