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Winter Blues…

For anyone still feeling a bit blue as we struggle towards Spring, news that Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year is Classic Blue may help make you feel better.

Clearly not everyone is impressed by Pantone’s choice, Evan Nicole Brown in Fast Company calls it “awful” and Michelle Ogundehin, writing in Dezeen feels that Pantone have “missed the mark” with this one. But Ogundehin also believes that, as a whole, the colour blue “is arguably the most democratic of colours. It literally means all things to all people, with a welter of associations depending on the precise tone in question, hence its universal appeal.”

With that in mind, we are jumping on the band wagon and would like to remind you that we have lamps in a range of blue tones, from the pastel Duck Egg Fuji Colour, to the matt Indigo of the Rigatoni and the glossy deep Blue of the Duo. Take a look and be inspired…!

Published 21 February 2020