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Terracotta is one of the oldest building materials around. It can be found all over the world – from simple pots to great architectural masterpieces. The UK is no exception. From our sewers and chimney pots to our great buildings, terracotta adorns our cities and our everyday life. We wanted to work with terracotta for its wonderful richness but also to support the small remaining UK based terracotta industry.

Clay used for terracotta comes in many forms. We’ve selected clay from Stoke-on-Trent that has a fantastic depth of colour and gives our products real warmth.

We use the tradition slip casting technique to make our products, in which the liquid slip clay is poured into plaster moulds. Gradually, the moisture is absorbed from the outermost layers of clay into the mould. The excess liquid is then poured off until we’re left with a clay ‘skin’.

The lamp is then removed from the mould and left to dry naturally before being fired at a very high temperature, which brings out its rich colour. The high firing temperature also increases the strength of the product.

We hand dip all of our terracotta products in a subtle white glaze to create a wonderful balance between the rich matt terracotta and the smooth, gleaming glaze. Because we take the time to hand glaze our lamps, each comes with subtle variations in finish.

Published 12 December 2012